The WebMD Return-To-Office Debacle

By now, you've probably seen this ridiculous Return-To-Office video by the company behind WebMD:

Nothing about what is shown in the video looks like an appealing work environment to me. It would crush my soul to work there. I would be miserable.

As challenging as the pandemic was, one of the positive changes that came out of it is that a great number of people started questioning the traditional 9-5 office model.

Employees realized how much more quality of life they can get by working from wherever they want. Whether that's from home, a coffee shop, or even the office for those who prefer it. The newfound freedom has been a game-changer for many over the past few years.

So why are companies vehemently pushing their employees back? Are executives attempting to justify their expensive and prestigious offices, or is it a response to bad managers grappling with a loss of control?

Forcing everyone back with statements like "We aren't asking or negotiating at this point," as the CEO put it in the video, shows a lack of consideration for everyone working at WebMD, highlighting poor leadership and total obliviousness to more effective work methods.

It feels like nobody at those companies is willing to put in the effort to figure out how to create a productive remote-work environment for those who would prefer it.

Giving people a choice is the bare minimum. This new way of working won't be going away, and forcefully holding on to the past is a surefire way to lose your best and brightest talents.

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