What I'm up to and where my focus is at this point in my life.

Instead of keeping a portfolio of slowly aging projects, I created a /now page to provide a broader picture of what is going on in my life.


I'm working full-time on growing the healthcare company I co-founded, while also sharing the experience and learnings about running a small bootstrap business in the Slow & Steady newsletter.

I still take on exciting projects from time to time to keep my design chops sharp and for a change of creative scenery. If you need help turning your ideas into exceptional products and services, feel free to reach out.

Personal Life.

I live in a rooftop apartment overlooking Vienna with my partner Adela, our Shetland Sheepdog Kobe, and our two cats, Whiskey and Diego.

My latest obsession is aviation. I got my pilot's license back in October 2021 and building up hours right now.


I'm currently reading How to Live by Derek Sivers and Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday. Highly recommend both books. 👌


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/now page inspired by Derek Sivers.