All My Designer Friends Only Work on Shiny Products

Most of the world, and the companies that power it, are unshiny. Think back-office or enterprise software: stuff that deals with reality, numbers, and problems. I’m not talking about big companies vs. small ones. Just uncool ones of all types and sizes.
As a designer, your role is to rethink and transform: a disjointed flow into a smooth one, frustrated customers into happy ones, a broke company into a solvent one.
When you join a shiny company, some other designer has already done the transformational heavy lifting for you. You don’t want to follow this designer. You want to be this designer.

Stumbled upon this post on medium and I couldn’t agree more with Jeff Domke. I, for one, work one of those not-so-sexy niches right now and frankly, this has been the most fun challenge of my career so far.

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