The Profound Impact of Mentorship

Recently, I ran into my first boss at a Tesla Supercharger station, marking our first conversation after I left the company almost two decades ago. This unexpected reunion brought back many memories and made me realize his profound influence on my career to this day.

The Beginning

After making the tough decision to drop out of school, I found myself at a crossroads in life. I had a clear sense of the direction I wanted to go, but the job hunt wasn't exactly smooth sailing. I faced the challenges of having no work experience, no degree, and the added hurdle of living in an area with a non-existent IT industry. It didn’t look good until I got invited for an interview at a tech company in Lower Austria, which ultimately ended up hiring me.

The Catch

This opportunity was in a different state, in an unfamiliar place where I had no friends or family. This meant not only navigating the complexities of a real job but also learning to live independently, building new relationships, and forging a sense of community entirely from scratch. It was an intimidating proposition at the time, but it also served as an early lesson in embracing the unknown and consistently exploring new opportunities.

The Turning Point

This transformative experience was made possible by Christoph, my first boss. He and his brother bootstrapped a tech company in the middle of nowhere in Austria long before the modern startup industry emerged. He took a chance on me, not because I had an impressive resume but because he saw something in me that I had yet to see in myself.

After my first few days, one thing that immediately stood out was how they prioritized creating an exceptional work environment, with a spacious garden, a barbecue area, and even a swimming pool at the office. Everyone in the company was open and welcoming, and it was a place where work and leisure seamlessly intertwined, making it an enjoyable place to be.


Nearly two decades later, I understand that this early experience with Christoph set the stage for what we've built at appointmed. We, too, aim to create a workplace where everyone can do the best work of their career without compromising other aspects of life — all while having a great time in the process.

This example stands as a testament to the remarkable power of mentorship and the lasting impact of those who recognize the potential within us.

It serves as a reminder that sometimes, all we need is someone to believe in us and offer us that first opportunity, leading us on a transformative journey we may have never imagined.

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