Customer Delight: Your Business is More Than What You Sell

Finding a sustainable edge over your competitors can be challenging. When it comes to practice management software, the need for features like calendars, patient records, and invoicing is the same across every solution.

However, what truly sets a business apart is more than just the product. In our journey, we've identified customer support as our "MOAT" – the fortress that shields us from competitors attempting to replicate features or blatantly mimic marketing strategies. Genuine care for customers in your own voice is a unique offering that cannot be copied.

Customer delight is the process of exceeding a customer's expectations to create a positive experience with your product or brand. Delight is about providing a remarkable experience to users through focusing on their needs, interests, and wishes.

In Numbers.

Intercom Customer Support Dashboard for 2023
appointmed Customer Support Dashboard for 2023.

As of today (Dec 12, 2023), our team has successfully handled an impressive 2.647 support cases this year. What makes this achievement even more noteworthy is our average response time – just over 5 minutes. That’s mostly unheard of in our niche.

Customers today appreciate more than just a functional product; they also demand a seamless and responsive support experience. Our response time isn't merely a metric either; it reflects our belief that sustaining a business goes beyond products – it's about fostering a relationship built on trust and reliability.

Keep in mind: We are a team of only six people. That level of responsiveness requires a significant amount of our resources, but it's well worth it if you scroll through the raving reviews customers leave on Google and other platforms.

We Took It Even a Step Further.

To further embody this commitment, we started an internal "Customer Delight" project that goes beyond routine interactions. We randomly select five people from our user base every month and send them surprise packages.

What sets this initiative apart is the personalized touch. We don’t send out random things, but take some time to look up these individuals, checking social media and revisiting past conversations to unravel their preferences and needs.

The result? Tailored surprises that range from a new gym backpack for fitness enthusiasts to cute appointmed baby romper suits for new parents or age-appropriate board games for those with older children. Those packages always include a handwritten letter, telling them how much we appreciate their trust in us and that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

What’s Your Moat?

Our commitment to customer care becomes our unique selling proposition in a landscape where others can imitate features and marketing campaigns with laughably low effort. It's a reminder that the actual value of a business does not necessarily shine in the product itself. In our case, cultivating connections and genuine care for each customer is the key to building a resilient and thriving company.

Ask yourself: Are you simply meeting or exceeding expectations in ways that resonate with your customers, setting you apart from everyone else?

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