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Patrik Inzinger

I'm a self-taught product designer born and raised in Austria, now working from my office in Vienna — or wherever my laptop fits on a table.

I balance my career between running a freelance product design business and a healthcare company I co-founded in 2016, called appointmed.

My career path is a little different than most.

I landed my first client at the age of 13 and found myself questioning the traditional education system around the same time. Ultimately, I decided it might not be the best way for me to get where I wanted to go in life.

After dropping out of school, I worked at a few different companies and agencies in Austria. During that time I was able to dip my toes into more professional environments and gained a lot of experience working with the Finnish Government on, creating the first digital document storage solution for Austrian insurance carrier UNIQA and spending a lot of time in usability labs and on user interviews.

Combining my visual design skills with what I’ve learned during the more research heavy projects, starting out on my own was the natural next step. I started my freelance career in January 2009 and have been working with hundreds of businesses from all over the world since. From small bootstrapped startups to Fortune500 companies and everything in between.

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